Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How to Totally Embarrass a Teenager

When she is nine, you buy a horse trailer that is "cute" (for a nine year old).
When she is sixteen, she often hears at competitions
"Oh, yeah. You're the one with the clown trailer."

You drive around with a ginormous loaf of hay in the back of your old pickup,
making sure her friends see her.

Then, you post photos on the Internet of said teens
pushing said hay bale from the truck. Personally, I like the teamwork.


Cathy said...

Testing comment section.

Mary said...

I'm reading and enjoying the photos and your words on your blog. I'm sure there are more than two of us reading your blog and enjoying it. Keep on keeping on! Mary B.

whitetr6 said...

knew i shoulda bought a farm. When my daughter said she was going to "bail" I think it usually meant she was leaving (and usually when some chore needed to be done). I could have turned that one around on her, at least once :-)

pita-woman said...

If parents serve no other purpose in life (besides teaching their children life's lessons, etc.), then it's to embarrass them every chance they get. I'm 39 and my mother still embarrasses(?) me!!

Camflock said...


Just remind the girls about poor Mark Martin during the 2006 NASCAR season in the 6 car. His sponsor was Viagra. He drove that round the track for 200-400 laps a weekend with that on his car. Then there was poor Kasey Khane that sponsored the Snuggles car. It could be worse than clowns.


TC said...

All she has to do is add the words "Insane Clown Posse" to the trailer, and it'll suddenly be cool.


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