Thursday, December 22, 2016

Nobody's Business?

If I had been the cashier, I would have lost my job. I would have told the old lady that I'd ring up her "Christmas gifts" (irony, anyone?) on a cold day in hell. (Actually, it's been close to that cold here in Kentucky so I might have to work on my phrasing.) Security would have been called and I'd ask them to haul her sorry a$$ out of there.

The Latinas in the attack amaze me at their composure, but I'm sure they've had lots of practice. The others standing about, I read that they'd said things to support the women, but I hear nothing on this video. I might have been shaking but I would have not stopped trying to stop ol' Grinchina. I will not be silenced by the hatred that seems to be okay to voice now.

While shopping, I sometimes find myself looking at the faces of similarly aged women for this woman. Yet, I've only encountered smiling people who politely said "excuse me" or "sorry" when in my way, or perhaps a sigh with a longer line, and maybe one or two resting bitch faces.  It is Christmas. It is to be expected.

As for this woman, judging by her age, it may not be many years before she finds herself in a nursing home or hospital at the mercy of those she thinks of as a "nobody". Though I know most health care professionals extend a lot of grace and forgiveness to ailing patients, this woman may come to know how it feels to be a nobody.

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