Friday, December 02, 2016

Playing with My Food

One time, the cashier at a grocery asked me if these Pomeranians were good to eat. I had to laugh, not sure it was even legal to eat Pomeranians. Opinions are often given in the media that we should eat local foods, and while I agree we should support local, I'm always pleased to see pomegranates in season.

Avocados are another, non-local treat. My family thinks I'm a bit nuts because of my excitement over an avocado plant. I've tried several times sticking toothpicks in the seed of the Haas avocados I'd eaten, suspended them in water to sprout, and got no results. Recently, I found a Florida avocado, a much bigger and a shiny green avocado, at StuffMart. Putting it in a bulb vase, I soon had many roots and a tiny sprout. After planting in dirt, I can almost watch it growing. It makes for a good science experiment, and who knows? I may make avocados a local food.

In a month, it grew over 12 inches!
The bulb vases are available right now at StuffMart in the produce section if you want to give it a try. They are a little over $3 and comes with a paperwhite bulb. I'd much rather grow an avocado.

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