Tuesday, November 22, 2016


As I watched her slide off the brass elephant, I recognized in her something of myself. Which of our parents gave us this propensity to be amused at ourselves even while looking a little foolish?

I'm pretty sure that trait came from my father, who was known to be silly in his time.

Growing up as a child, I remember both of my parents loved learning. My dad was always reading a newspaper, Reader's Digest, or National Geographic. My mom kept the library busy, still does today. She brought me to the library so regularly and read so much, that it had a profound influence not only on me, but on my girls as I passed it on to them. Even today, my mom asks more questions than the  homeschoolers on when she goes with us on field trips, something I'm proud about.  Neither had the opportunity to be college educated. In fact, my father received his high school diploma honorarium in his 80s as he had dropped out to support his widowed mother. Both, however, instilled a love of learning in their children.  

It is strange, however, to see yourself reflected in another human being. Sometimes, it is also neat to see humanity reflected in a creature society doesn't always consider self-aware.

Diane shows photos to my favorite gorilla, "Jelani". She and her girls
enjoyed learning that he likes to look, in particular, at photos of baby gorillas.

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