Sunday, January 01, 2017

Doing Mushrooms

On a small walk back by the creek, I found some mushrooms.  Now, I've always been a little leery about eating mushrooms from the yard, knowing that a mistake could be fatal. Yet, these are well documented:

Turkey Tail Mushrooms

Oyster Mushroom
I'm wondering if I'm daring enough to make this tea which promises an immunity boost?

At dinner, I was telling my family of my find.

Daughter: It's well documented that people DIE of eating backyard mushrooms.
Husband: Are those the kind that have you seeing dead relatives?

I guess I'll have to experiment on my own. 


Rick said...

At my house, you would need to try those on your own. Though, I do have some things I would like to ask my grandma. If you run into her on your travels ask her where the fortune is hidden. I trust you.

pita-woman said...

Maybe you'll just get pleasantly loopy. 😜

Junosmom said...

@Rick, at my house, too. No takers on Mushroom Tea.

@Pita-woman, I could use being a little loopy.


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