Saturday, January 07, 2017

Chickened Out

I'm done with chickens. It was a great phase of my life and I felt very Pinterest-y.  About a year ago, I was overheard by a friend who has chickens, "Do you have eggs laid in your barn?"  Why yes, I do. An elderly man in our neighborhood raises chickens as a hobby and for $4, he lays two dozen in my tack room once a week.  I don't have to do a thing.  No cleaning out coops, no feeding, no freezing water in the winter.  No expensive feed!  Wow, has the price risen on corn!  No finding that your favorite hen was murdered.  After several "Chicken Lickin's" got picked off, we decided the name was cursed and no longer named them that.

Well, time has passed and sadly, my chicken man retired. I now have the inconvenience of having to actually go to a store to buy eggs. We go through two to three dozen a week (they are low carb). I do miss the chickens, but not the work. And now, I have my new puppy project to keep me busy, although chickens don't have to be potty trained. There is that.

If you search this blog on the word "chicken", you will have enough posts to read for a week or two.


Rick said...

Hey, $4.00 a dozen seems more than fair. Did your chicken man not know he could never retire? It's what we in my old neighborhood would say is a lifetime job.

OK, OK I lived in a tough neighborhood.

Kristina said...

I thoroughly miss having chickens. But, I only had them for about a year before I decided we needed to be home at dusk to close the coop. We were losing too many to raccoons. At that time, we were at TKD 5 nights a week so it just wasn't working. I am actually considering trying to convince the environment center on campus to get chickens so I can be around them again. On the other hand, I'm also thoroughly enjoying 'city' life. (Can you really call it city life when it's a city of 8K?)

Junosmom said...

@Rick, well, the chicken man has had some health issues and truth be told, he worried me walking around on the ice and snow. The man is well into his eighties.

@Kristina, city life is a mind set, not a number, so yes, totally! I read about chickens being kept at an old folks home as a type of therapy. I think they truly are. It's just not my time right now.


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