Tuesday, May 06, 2008

C'est Vrai?

In our French lesson today, Anna and I came across the following quote from journalist and writer Françoise Giroud:

La femme sera vraiment l'égale de l'homme le jour où, à un poste important, on désignera une femme incompétente.

(Women will really be men's equals on the day when an incompetent woman is appointed to an important position.)

In light of our current political races, what do you think of this quote?


whitetr6 said...

seems to me the author is saying that the men in important positions are incompetent. In light of current events, I can't argue with that.

Kristina said...

It seems to me that she's saying is that we'll only accept an incompetent woman (as we will a man) when we stop viewing men and women differently. It won't be until we view men and women the same that we will stop requiring more of women than of men in the same position. Women have to prove themselves. Men don't.

That's what I think she's saying. And, I think (considering my own political ideas) that perhaps, we've finally gotten to the place where men and women are equal.

desnatural said...

In light of our current political situation, one would have to determine whether that woman were truly incompetant. Is Hillary truly incompetant as a person to lead the country or is she not capable simply because she is a woman?


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