Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I congratulated myself on my ability to handle the cold, the horse chores, the schedule. God must have thought me too proud and sent the wind. NOW it is cold. Now, the wind rips through your layers of clothing so that you can fully feel. So, y'all have to suffer now the cold because I was too proud of myself. I'm not anymore, so maybe He'll take it back.


Sepiru Chris said...

I hear you. It is 25°C here, or a frigid 77°F.

I may move to a thicker linen shirt.

The only thing good about that breeze is it helps the perspiration evaporate more quickly.

I agree with you, this chill bites deep.

When there are no clouds in the sky the heat just radiates out blue, then black, space, with nothing to reflect it back.




Junosmom said...

Now, Chris, that's just plain mean!
I'm getting ready to go out to feed the horses. I think it's about 24 F.
Linen shirt, my foot.
Enjoy the weather and think of cold me.


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