Friday, February 04, 2011

Speaking Out

Sometimes, I'm amazed at the high quality of writing now available on the blogosphere.  On Blogher, you can read and read and read.  I have several blogs I follow daily that are amazing.  And yes, there is considerable drivel as well.  Yet, the events in Egypt makes one think - what if they turned off the Internet?  Used to now our freedom to speak to the world, what if we were silenced?  How could we tolerate censorship of what we read and write, as in China?  While the events in Egypt make me and the world nervous, I can only think that a few hundred years ago, our country was seeking self-government and freedom at any price.

I have enjoyed encouraging blogging among friends, if only by my poor blog's example that "if she can do it, I can only do better". I'm working now to set up my brother-in-law's, Joe Thomas's, blog.  He is writing it all, make no doubt, and is a very talented story teller.  A professional fisherman, TV show host, speaker, and producer of hunting videos, Joe has lots of stories which he'll share on his blog starting in March.  My job will be to receive the texts and photos by email and post them on his blog.  Fans can follow him on his tournament route and vicariously, learn what the life of a pro-angler is really like.

One of the 5 month old chickens is sitting back on his?/her? legs today, wobbly when walking.  This one is the chicken which has both hen and rooster characteristics.  It could be a number of infections, but also could be nutrition.  Perhaps she is not eating enough of the balanced layer pellets and instead is relying on what she finds in the barn.  I may have to put her up in a cage.

Illness is in the air these days, though thankfully, our family has been healthy.  We were discussing news that studies show that individuals who live in too sterile or clean environments get sick more often.  "That explains it," someone in our family said, referring to our overall health.  Huh, I'm sure he/she is NOT referring to my housekeeping, as that would be a decidedly unhealthy thing to do.


That Janie Girl said...

I bet that's an interesting job - a professional angler! (My hubs would love it! He LOVES to fish.)

pita-woman said...

All I know is this (regarding health vs. clean/dirty home): my house is a wreck; a dusty, messy, dog-slobber coated, germ factory. And it is seldom that we are sick, even rarer that we're sick enough to take time off from work or have need to visit a doctor.
My friend on the other hand, most times you could eat off her floor, she's forever cleaning. She, her husband and daughter it would seem, are forever coming down with some ailment, whether it's a cold, strep-throat, the flu, stomach flu or food poisoning, etc. etc. and they are forever having to take sick days.
For me, it's a good arguement against cleaning the house. ;)

Travis Erwin said...

I'm looking forward to his blog, My current WIP has a bass pro in it.

Cloudia said...

Been thinking of you and the animals!

Glad to see this cool post

Aloha from Honolulu,

Comfort Spiral



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