Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Did I Ever Have It?

I had my friend going for awhile there.  Despite having just turned a year older, I still "have it" I told her:  a guy at work hit on me. Yep, he said if I wouldn't mind sharing my phone number, maybe we could go to a movie some time.  Really? she asked, looking slightly impressed.  I then asked if it diminished my story at all to admit that the gentleman asking was 81 years old?  After all, what's thirty years?

Self Reflection on my birthday

"Aunt Mary", a black bantam hen, is broody.  Now why would she want a batch of chicks just as the weather is getting colder?  I know I don't, so I put a golf ball under her and take out any eggs donated by other hens.  See, other hens will come and lay in her nest.  She takes that opportunity to get up and go eat, knowing that the laying hen will keep her golf ball warm.  The laying hen will then get up, and let Aunt Mary have her egg, conserving the collective energy of the flock.  Using a golf ball, I know that all eggs are fresh and can be taken.

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