Friday, April 20, 2012

Meet Luna

William's cat Luna

While fixing dinner last night, I was trying to catch up on "House", but was distracted by the loud sounds of sirens wailing.  I said a prayer for the safety of my husband driving home from work at that same hour.  Let him be safe.  Then, a bit of guilt, knowing that if my husband is safe, some other family's daddy or mommy might not be safe.  I said a prayer for whomever those sirens were for.  They went on and on.  It must be a terrible fire or accident.  

Then - I realized William was in the basement with his buddy playing xBox.  The sirens were on their game.  My husband arrived home safely, as I hope everyone else did, too.

The above photo is of William's new kitten, Luna.  She is scared but warming up nicely.  After living eight short weeks in a barn, she and her two siblings were in a "cat room" at the pound, with many big and (if I were a wee kitten) scary cats.  It will take awhile to not be scared, but she and William have bonded already.


Fatcat said...

She's really pretty!

LoL about the sirens. :-)

Fatcat said...

It's me again. Can you share your gluten free dog food recipe?

Junosmom said...

Fatcat: sure, I think I wrote a blog about it - will look. If not, I'll write a blog about it. I also use a dog food called Nutra Ultra at Feeder's Supply that is gluten free.


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