Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ha, Ha, Ha, Very Funny

Just about every evening, right after dinner, William is very energetic and begs his dad to go "shoot some hoops" out in the driveway.  As young adolescents often do, the seemingly low intensity activity can morph into more competitive "someday, I'll be able to kick your butt" play.  He can't yet, but we all know it's coming.  Each day he looks like a different boy, he is growing so much.

It's not the best choice, I tell them.  Right after dinner, William has a boatload of insulin on board. Exercise right away will increase insulin sensitivity.  His blood sugar was near normal.  I advise him, but I get an oft used refrain, "Trust me, mom".  I'm again told they are just going to stand and shoot baskets.

Halfway into my cup of coffee, he comes back inside, checks, BG 64.  The continuous glucose monitor (CGM) says he is headed straight down.  I swallow "I told you so" with my next sip of coffee.  He downs a half a cup of juice with relish and heads into his computer, surprising me with voluntarily finishing up some homework.

After finishing my coffee, I go to the office to get a book, and freeze.  Ice picks of adrenaline stab me in the chest!  William seems slumped in his chair, head to the side, no movement.  Did he pass out?  WILLIAM, I say loudly.  He looks up.  All is well, but my heart pounds and I'm about to pass out myself.

With two computer monitors, he was looking at an image of text rotated 90 degrees on the right hand monitor, so he had tilted his head and was trying to read it.  That's when I walked in.  He laughed and laughed when I told him that he'd just about given me a heart attack.  "You need to put that one on Facebook."  Laughs some more.  Ha, ha, very funny. I wonder if they sell my hair dye in multi-packs?

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