Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Twilight Zone

By way of group email, my family chatted how weird it was that middle daughter spoke her desire of one day owning a dishwasher and as soon as she left to go home, mine didn't work. My husband has watched too many sci-fi movies and said, "I think this is the part where the machines start to think independently before they rise up and kill us all.  She has inadvertently stepped into a strand of unfinished consciousness." 

In our family, we have long marveled at these coincidences, how I'd picked up the phone to dial my mom and she was on the other end without it having rung because she was calling me. This has happened with my daughters as well, sometimes getting a call from them just as I was typing a text.

Middle daughter sent me a SnapChat of the gluten free brownies she had made. I'd just pulled the first batch I'd ever made out of the oven. It's just spooky. We are all more connected than just by blood. 

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