Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Goodbye

Though I was told as a child in my religious training that animals don't have souls and don't go to heaven, I never believed it. I still don't. If I am wrong, I'm hoping that God forgives me that small comfort when I think of Juno and Smokey running to greet Bay as he joined them there this morning for green pastures and sunny days.

Bay lost his fight with a bout of colic this morning at the equine hospital, and the world lost the best horse in the world. He lived a good life, and loved deeply.

Few horses give that perfect mix of being intelligent and having their own mind, yet still listening and working with you. Bay was such a horse. He loved people (he always had a nicker for you), other animals (especially Juno who he used to groom like a horse), and his pasture mates, especially the girls. I'll admit he wasn't a push-over and in fact, could be said to be pushy himself at times, but his spirit couldn't be totally submissive.

He's that one of a kind animal, like Juno, that makes you think you'll not see his likes again.


whitetr6 said...

Cathy, I also believe we'll be reunited with all of our beloved animals when our time comes. My sincerest sympathy to all of you...and what an absolutely perfect photo for this post. Best to all of you. Mark

pita-woman said...

Ohh, I'm sooo sorry for your loss. And I too believe he's keeping company with Juno & Smokey (both your Smokey & mine).


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