Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Hay Fairy

Yesterday was a day of mystery. I could not find the juvenile red rooster, and in the middle of the day, six square hay bales appeared out of nowhere. I asked one neighbor, and she denied having been my benefactor. Perhaps it was the neighbor to the west?

After working at the Church thrift shop, I went to feed the horses their afternoon grain, and there was red rooster. In the morning, as I put out grain, the chickens try to steal a little before the horses come ambling in. It seems he got cornered, and though I had looked in all the stalls, I missed seeing him. He seemed relieved to be let out.

After an early morning ride, a friend stopped on his way home. He was my hay fairy. Someone had gifted him with twenty bales and he couldn't fit it all in his barn, so he gave me some. What a nice surprise!

The bantam continues to sit on the duck egg, and I can only imagine what she will think when this ugly duckling hatches.

On Monday, we picked Anna's artwork up from three sources, farmed out for the fair and an art show. We were surprised with a three foot trophy as she had won (unbeknownst to us) the title "Supreme Grand Champion" award for 4H at the Kentucky State Fair.

We're going to donate the trophy to the 4H office, for surely it'll be knocked over by some dog or kid here at our house.

And, for those of you that care, today is Talk Like a Pirate Day~! William says pirates don't do homework. I said pirates also get thrown overboard or run through with a sword. Just sayin'.

AND! This day twenty years and twenty pounds ago, I was walking down the aisle to my future happiness. I hope for at least twenty more! Happy Anniversary, honey!

Prayer request: Chuck of Chuck's Chatter is in the hospital in ICU. Please leave him a note on his blog wishing him a speedy recovery. I'll print it out and bring it to his room.


Cloudia said...

Congrats, Gal Pal on finding Red Rooster, for getting some of your own kindness returned in the form of delicious hay (NEIGHH!) and your gals latest triumph!!

(Come visit my blog when you feel better ;-)


Comfort Spiral

Fatcat said...

Cool about winning the grand champion at the fair. My daughter had an entry there to and her goal in the future is to try and win a purple ribbon at the state fair. She won purple at the county fair. I'll show her your daughters picture.

My 21th anniversary is today (the third).

pita-woman said...

Awesome trophy/honor she received.
I wish I had a way of downloading pix from my camera/phone, I took one yesterday of the two eggs that hatched that you'd given Paula... they're kinda ugly (sorry). White with reddish-brown backs.
I'm heading over to Chuck's to reply.


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