Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Zoo Finds New Method of Funding

After days of rain, yesterday, we had beautiful weather. I left my mountains of housework and tasks to take William and Anna to the zoo.

I was taken aback at their new fundraising techniques, that is, they seem to be training the animals to pick my pocket, or in this case, purse. Here you see a lorikeet looking in my purse, only after eating $2 in nectar and then licking the side of my face.

Evidently, he (she?) did not find the pickings satisfactory, for shortly after the photo was taken, it bit the back of my arm sharply, which hurt like the devil.

Next: how I got frisked by an orangutan.

Notes: Where have I been? Two of our four computers completely crashed. When you have two daughters working on online courses, that becomes a serious problem. So, computer time has been limited.


pita-woman said...

Oooh girl, you're braver than I. Birds freak me out, I'd never have stood still for those photos to be taken. I'd have been waving my arms and running the other way.

Arby said...

The pick-pocket Parrot. I like it. I can only imagine what the orangutan did!

Travis Erwin said...

Watch those beaks.

Cloudia said...

You look cute with your animal friends,and YES, you have been missed!

I published a "Zoo" post last week WITH pictures of ourangs!

Glad to see you again, gal pal ;)

Aloha, Friend!

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