Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving - But Not You Mr. 'Possum

I grabbed the two chickens by the tail and threw them into the yard, accompanied by the sound of what can only be called chickens screaming. Trying to remove them from the coop in the dark, I was fearful of getting bitten by the young opposum hiding in the corner. Rabies shots are not on my Christmas list.

It was later than normal chore time, having returned from a wonderful dinner at my sister's house two hours away. I would not have noticed it, except that Daisy (our Beagle-Dor, half Beagle, half Lab) was scratching at the edge of coop, something she doesn't normally do. So, I opened the hatch and looked in to see the wee wicked thing hissing at me. After removing the two chickens sitting there, apparently unaware of the danger, I took them to the barn and caged them. Though opposums won't normally kill a full-sized and healthy chicken, the two chickens in question were bantams.

So, tomorrow, I need to secure that coop. The bottom of the housing section hasn't any wire on it. With a dirt floor, somehow the 'possum squeezed under. Likely, he was after the bits of feed left over (chickens are messy eaters), but he may have been after his own Thanksgiving dinner.

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Sepiru Chris said...

Happy Thanksgiving JM,

Poor, poor Mr. Opossum,

Mind you, lucky, lucky bantams.

I'm delighted that you received the postcard. And are not upset.

When I told the Heroine that I had sent a couple of postcards off to a couple of folks she was bemused that people would send their addresses.

When I then explained that they hadn't and that it took less than a minute to find addresses she was appalled, mostly at me. And forbid me from commenting unless people responded in a pleasant way.

I thought it would be an e-neighbourly surprise. She thought otherwise.

So, I am pleased that you were not upset. I was a bit concerned.

I hope that you had a fantastic Thanksgiving, even if the poor 'Possum was deprived of his potential fun. And no worries with being ludicrously busy. I have been struggling with the same condition.



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