Saturday, November 07, 2009

What would happen if...?

William question of the day:

Wm: What would happen if the earth stopped spinning?
Me: We'd all die.
Wm: Why would we all die?
Me: (making it up as I go along) Well, only one side would face the sun, and that would mess up plants growing and eventually, all the plants and animals would die and we'd have no food.
Wm: Even the cows would die?
Me: Even the cows.
Wm: Does the moon rotate?
Me: Don't know, I'll Google it.

So this is a wonderful reason to homeschool, I learn all kinds of things. For example, if the earth was to stop rotating suddenly, the earth would stop, but the atmosphere would not, meaning winds in the range of 1100 miles per hour for the world's greatest hurricane. And if it slowly stopped spinning, well read for yourself. And yes, the moon does rotate.

Of course, the recent harvest moon had us talking about the cause of the overly large red moon both at home and dh's work, where he learned that it is an optical illusion. On this website, it said that one way that you can trick your mind out of the moon illusion is to bend over at the waist and look at the moon upside down through your legs. I suggested to dh that management could use the same technique on employees to test morale. Substitute "happy employees" for moon. Maybe it wouldn't change the view of management, but it might lift morale.

Question of the evening: What would happen if the earth split suddenly in two? (I haven't researched this one - have at it.)

Work began today to grade our front pasture for a small arena to also be used as a dry lot.

The small chick born the other day suffered an amputation of the toe (cause unknown) which proved to be fatal.

H1N1 seems to scare more people than the health care plan.


Cloudia said...

Good teaching!

Sure hope we get a rational health plan and freedom from fear of illness...

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Arby said...

Oh, I am far more fearful of nationalized healthcare than of swine flu. Frankly, I am fearful of what we will be told when our daughter needs her second heart surgery in a few years. She won't live without it, but that might not be enough of a justification for the bureaucratic side of our government.

Stephanie said...

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pita-woman said...

I was sure you'd come up with a clever answer such as: if the earth suddenly stopped spinning, everything that wasn't nailed down would go flying off into outer space. But then, I guess that would defeat the purpose of actually TEACHING him facts. ;)
An arena? Planning on having equine shows at your place??


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