Saturday, May 08, 2010

Dear Costco

Dear Costco,

Please instruct the gorilla that put my groceries in my cart to not put so much weight in large boxes.  I am 5'2" (okay, almost) and only weigh 108 pounds (okay, I once weighed 108 pounds, but my muscles still think I do).  I about had a hernia trying to lift those two boxes out of the very deep bascart to load them into my car. 

While we're on the subject of bascarts, why are they not motorized?  With brakes?  Here I am pushing around 40 pounds of kitty litter, 20 pounds of dog food, 20 pounds of cat food, not to mention the pounds of human food, and some idiot steps right in front of my cart.  It takes all I've got to stop the forward momentum. It's only a matter of time before I severely injure someone. If you and other retailers can provide little go-carts for those that can't walk, it's time to step up the technology for those of us that can.  At the very least, please provide air horns for my cart so that those people milling about with no better place to waste their time will get out of my way. 

And as for the samples, some people are eating their lunches in your store at your samples counters.  Can you please just rope off an area to do this?  They are always at the end of the aisle and I can't even get into the aisle because of all the people standing around eating out of little paper cups.  People - go to lunch.  Get out of my way.  (Do you hear a theme developing?)

Costco Ron, you dear are not every woman's dream.  I know you think you are, but your demeanor oozes slime.  You need only the white patent leather shoes to complete the picture.  I just love being looked over like a criminal as I leave your store, like there is anything that I could steal between the cash register and the door, (yeah, yeah, you are looking for cashier mistakes, we all believe THAT one), but your job doesn't include looking me over, too.  PS  drop the radio voice

Valued Customer

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Cloudia said...

I've been worried about you-all with the weather. Really nice to see normal life carrying on...

I love costco, but your wise words should earn you a "thank you" and gift card from the co.

Glad to be back, Missed Ya!

Aloha from Hawaii

Comfort Spiral


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