Monday, May 10, 2010

I Heart Meatballs

I suppose it is telling that I was unfazed finding poop balls hanging from the garbage bag.  Who did this? I shouted, thinking someone threw dog do-do in the can, which later was fitted with a bag.  On closer inspection, I found that the do-do balls were in fact meatballs.  Inquiry led to incredulity.  Anna had burned her lunch and threw the meatballs in the trash.  They were so hot, they burned a hole straight through the bag, melting the plastic, where they became glued on.  I  think it is quite special they burned a heart-shaped hole, don't you?  We quickly cleaned up by calling Daisy, our Beagle-Dor, to eat the meatballs.

It is so chilly today that Chiron, our miniature gelding, is shivering even though he's in the barn.  I thought it was fear at first because the farrier was here today and trimmed his feet.  He's still shivering though.  He's lost his winter fur, poor guy.  I know how he feels - I've put away and gotten out my long sleeved shirts at least three times.

Last week, I learned that putting too much of shavings in with baby chicks can be fatal.  Luckily, disaster was averted.  I water the chicks with a very shallow pan, as they are prone to drowning.  The shallowness, however, often leads to the water being dirtied, so I refill it several times a day.  This day, I lifted it up to find a wad of what looked like white toilet tissue under it and down in the shavings.  What is that doing there, I wondered?  Then the wad of tissue started crawling.  Was it a white mouse?  Then, I realized it was one of the chickies, in bad shape, too. Long story short, it was fine and recovered after the mom pecked its head a few times and scolded it for being so stupid.   Close call, though.


Cloudia said...

Meatballs, farm life, and Anna's birthday...much happens in your world. Thanks for sharing it with us all!

Aloha from Hawaii

Comfort Spiral

pita-woman said...

Am so LOL'ing! If only humans were allowed to scold their children in such a manner for being so stupid.


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