Monday, February 27, 2017

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It's raining. In the physical sense, yes, very wet outside but also in the metaphorical sense. "When it rains, it pours." My visiting daughter last night said she'd know she "made it" when someday she has a washer/dryer and dishwasher in her residence. Shortly after she left for her place, the dishwasher quit working right after a big meal. The Keurig coffee pot also refused to put out. I had a nice low-carb pie for dessert that begged for a cup of hot, black coffee. Nope.

The Keurig is now fixed with a paper-clip. Grounds were caught up inside the dispensing mechanism. I used vinegar to also descale it. Thank goodness for Google. I am thinking of buying myself a percolator for Mother's Day. I remember the comforting sound and smell from childhood. This Keurig is old and its days are numbered. And though it makes better coffee than a drip, I feel a bit guilty about all those plastic k-cups.

According to YouTube, the dishwasher either has a plugged water inlet valve or plugged hose filter. I'll have to look at those later today. But - priorities. William's iPhone is on the blink and needs to be replaced. Used primarily as a medical device, we get to spend the afternoon at the AT&T store. At least it's raining and I won't miss a nice afternoon outside.

Oh, and I just remembered, the washer is leaking. If you don't get the clothes out immediately, they are sodden wet. Leaking valve. I may leave this though as it encourages me to not leave the wet clothes in there all day until they smell like a dishrag.

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Cloudia said...

Hey! There you are! Statistically you are in for smooth sailing


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