Thursday, March 10, 2005

Home Schooling??

Who took the "home" out of homeschooling? Thursdays are always jammed with activities for us. Dd#1 works at a nearby stable for a few hours and has practice at Mounted Pony Games. While she's there, I take dd#2 to art lessons, then return home to retrieve dd#1. After a quick check on dinner, I drive dd#1 to R.A.C.E. class for piano. Dh picks her up on his way home from work, while I am at home putting together dinner. Starting next week, dd#2 will add soccer into this mix. All very good activities, yet impacting the relaxed stay-at-home vision I originally had of homeschooling.

One of the biggest challenges anymore is the overwhelming number of activities available to homeschoolers, or children in general. There are so many wonderful opportunities, it becomes difficult to be good at any one thing because of the flurry of activities.

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Tina said...

I enjoyed this post. How true, glad to know someone else deals with these issues, too. Found this address at the end of an OCHE post. Glad I did! I've never had time to attend OCHE activities due to such activities as listed here! Maybe someday in the near future!!1


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