Sunday, March 13, 2005

These are the Good Old Days

I was listening to an old Carly Simon tape. (My daughter was amazed that I knew the words to these songs that she'd never heard before.) One song reminds us that "these are the good old days". Sometimes, it is hard to remember that, but I try to daily. Yesterday, I found that W's shoes no longer fit, another reminder that he's growing up so fast, and before I know it, they'll all be off on their own, doing their own thing. I am trying to work on being really present in these days - focusing on remembering, enjoying. So hard when you hardly have a moment to yourself all day, eh?

I have moments when I wonder if I haven't contributed to a female "brain drain" or that I shouldn't be contributing more to the world. At the same time, how could I miss a moment of "the good old days?"

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