Friday, March 04, 2005

Keep Blogging

Most days, I consider myself lucky to have had time for lunch. Today, for example, I ate lunch in the car driving from a pediatric appointment to a horse back riding lesson. This involved stopping at the house along the way to pick up the horse trailer, as we were to bring home a horse we are going to lease for dd#2. After the lesson and loading the horse, we dropped the horse home, picked up dd#1's suitcase and took her to our church to rendezvous with her ride to a weekend retreat for Confirmation candidates. Then, off to two stores to try to find food for this new horse. Everyone was out of it. Back to the farm from which we leased him to borrow food for the weekend. Return home to unhook trailer and unload 50 lb. bags. And, now, I am home.

Having been gone all day, really I should be doing housework and preparing dinner. Ds is taking his afternoon late nap. I am having my tea and decided that I really miss writing and need to continue to blog. I have lots of thoughts that would be fun to write down, and I will try to make a few minutes a day to write.

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