Saturday, January 15, 2005

Warm Up America Project

My first blanket for the Warm Up America project.

Today, I finished my first blanket for the Warm Up America Foundation. It has taken me several months to complete. This organization is comprised of volunteers that make blankets, either knitted or crocheted, one square at a time. Someone one asked me if it wouldn't be better to just buy blankets, as they aren't very expensive, rather than devoting a lot of time to making these afghans by hand. There is some logic in that, but it isn't about logic.

Cindy Carple, who organizes our local volunteers, asked me to make a card to give with the afghan stating that I thought the recipient was special enough to receive this hand-made blanket. She explained that when they first started the project, many of the homeless would not take the blankets, not believing anyone would take the time to make and give them something so special. This project is about having a warm blanket, but it is also about imparting caring and concern with the gift. When you have made something that to you is more than a blanket, but is more like a creation, you can't help but feel a connection, even if you don't meet, to the person who wraps it around his or her shoulders. The colors in this blanket were chosen for a woman, perhaps one with small children like me, but one who hasn't been so lucky in life.

Each time I worked on the blanket, my small son asked, "You make a blanket for people that are 'told (cold)?" When I replied that it was, he stated that HE was 'told, too, and would I make a blanket for him? So, my next blanket will be smaller and for W.

My girls helped make balls out of the skeins of yarn this time and are starting to practice simple stitches so that they can help. For now, I hope that they are learning by my example.


gr8daneluvr said...

A lovely quilt and organization.

gr8daneluvr said...

I read about another organization the other day, that made small security blankets for people that are ill. I believe it was an article in the C.J., but I thought that might be a good project for your girls, as the blankets are smaller.


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