Thursday, January 06, 2005

Christmas Expectations

Santa had a soft spot this year. Mrs. Santa, who in actuality is the real work elf each Christmas, thought she could hold back. But there was this one toy, sure to please a little boy that LOVED tractors. His books were about tractors, his favorite activity was riding with his daddy on a tractor, most of his toys were tractors, he dreamed tractors. And, Santa, he had a John Deere tractor, little boy size, that ran just like a real John Deere tractor, and even had a wagon to pull. Santa couldn't help himself and brought the toy home to the little boy.

Now, Santa saw the large box, and was sure that all he had to do was open the box and display the tractor for the boy to find. Santa was dismayed to find many little pieces and stickers, and instructions translated from Chinese. He spent the evening working on this puzzle.

But the next day, Santa was rewarded as the little boy shook with excitement to find the tractor behind the sofa. He wanted to try it, and Mr. and Mrs. Claus, eager to see him enjoy the tractor, put the boy on the tractor and bid him to push the pedal.

Now, 2 miles per hour sounded pretty slow to the Clauses, but you know, inside the house, 2 miles per hour is pretty darn fast. Little boy drove straight away into the prized piano. Everyone gasped! He got off the tractor, expecting a reprimand, yet, the Clauses bid him try again! Not knowing to mount on the side without the pedal, the little boy stepped on the accelerator and the tractor took off without him.

The little boy is now petrified of the prized tractor and says he will try it again "someday" when he is older and it isn't scary. Mr. and Mrs. Claus are left to consider their dashed expectations for Christmas excitement.


gr8daneluvr said...

Too funny!!

Michèle said...

What a precious story!


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