Monday, May 23, 2005

Learning Plants

Wm. is a little older this year, so I am hoping to spend a little more time gardening. At 3 years, he enjoys the watering job. He also enjoys putting in the little metal staples that hold down the black cloth/plastic that I use to keep down weeds. We finished one side of the garden yesterday.

My dear husband asked why I had left that one particular big weed at the corner of the garden. When I told him that it wasn't a weed, it was rhubarb that I'd planted last year, he laughed. He's been weed-whacking it and trying to kill it, as rhubarb resembles a week we have that grows here in Kentucky.

Just a few weeks ago, my MIL and I stood shaking our heads at that plant, wondering why it wasn't bigger since, at her house, the rhubarb is enormous. Maybe, we discussed, it just doesn't grow well here. Yeah, I guess not. Hard to grow when you get weed whacked. :-)

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