Monday, May 23, 2005

Learning Tractors

Yesterday, I learned to drive our big tractor, helping to mow our neighbor's pasture in return for board there for our three horses. K did most of it, but it takes four hours every four weeks, so I figured the time had come to learn. I have resisted learning in the past because my son loves tractors and riding on tractors more than anything. I didn't want him to know that I can operate the tractor, or otherwise, he'd be after me for a ride everyday. But, the time has come.

Tractors are built for men, not small framed women. My feet dangled from the seat, not reaching the platform. I sat forward so that I could reach the pedals. Growing up on a farm, K said he first drove a tractor standing up, so that he could reach the pedals. I nearly need to do that. I went very slowly, trying to remember where all the levers were and what they did.

As I settled down, I found time to think. I watched the birds landing and hoped they were looking for food and weren't one of the types of birds that nest in tall grass. Do men worry about such things as they mow? I didn't see any nests, and hoped that since the grass was not that tall, I hadn't run over any. I think the girls could learn to run the tractor soon. They're as big as I am.

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