Thursday, May 12, 2005

My Dad

One of my first blogs was about my Grandpa, about how little information there is about him. His personality, his words were lost when he died early in his 40's. So few memories are ever written down, and they are so rich.

I encouraged my dad to write some of his memories, which is a monumental task, overwhelming, when put that way. He had written some, but then stalled for a little while. So, I asked him just to write about the cars he's owned. Here is the result: At the bottom, you'll see the story about the cars. Though I didn't know it, he is a talented writer with imagery. He's afraid it's turning into a book. So what's wrong with that? What a gift he's given me with his words.

1 comment:

gr8daneluvr said...

I visited your dad's blogsite... WOW! He's done a fantastic job with the pictures, music and everything.


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