Sunday, December 10, 2006


What is up with Blogger???? Half the time, the icons aren't showing for adding photos, changing text, etc. and the other half of the time, the buttons are there but don't work. The other day, I lost a whole post when I hit "Publish". Luckily, and due to past experience, I had copied all the text to a file. Blogger said that BETA was going to be better. Since I switched, I've seen nothing but problems. I guess you get what you pay for.

So, in reference to another post in which I said that if I'm not posting, I'm either depressed, busy or both, please add the excuse that Blogger isn't behaving.

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Mary said...

I'm having trouble with blogger, also. I can't center my title. When I switched to the beta version, Google used my e-mail address as a username. Fine. I can't sign in using it. I still have to go in using my old username and then it instructs me that I am to use my new username. When I e-mailed help about the problem, they simply told me to use my new username. The person did not read my problem or he or she couldn't fix it. I worry about losing my blog, too. I wish we could contact Google and find out what is going on.


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