Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sibling Rivalry

I found a photo on my computer from my sister. She and her children had made a ginger bread house last year:

Thinking to follow her example, I set out to make my own. My mother-in-law, Marilyn, was visiting, and she's a good cook and quite crafty. I made the pieces from kit a friend gave me. They turned out quite well. The house, however, looks like a snowblower ran past at high speed, shortly after a cement truck had run into it:

The more Marilyn and I tried to fix it, the worse it got. I wish I could say that this was after she and I shared several bottles of wine, but sadly, that isn't the case. We were really just that pathetic. The chickens enjoyed it.

I should have stuck to a present she brought to us, a gingerbread boy decorating kit. Here are the decorated cookies the kids made:

Anna was insulted because I couldn't guess the identity of her cookie in the top right corner. I thought perhaps it was the victim of a car accident due to the large amount of red icing on his forehead. Turns out, that was supposed to be Harry Potter's scar. Go figure!


edj said...

I LOVE your gingerbread house!! That's exactly what mine would look like, should I ever attempt to make one. :)

Camflock said...

Recently, I started wishing I had a sister. Someone to share all these crazy "adult" things with. Now, I am thinking that if sibling rivalry continues with sisters, I might be better off with my brother who has worked most of his life to be as different from me as possible.

As for the gingerbread house, it sure looked better than my non-existant one the kids and I didn't do!


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