Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Cherished Moment

Yesterday, I was getting ready to leave for the afternoon. Lauren and Anna were to watch William for me. Generally, I try to be home for them. Book study has a way of not getting done when I'm not around, although if you count reading for pleasure, plenty of that gets done.

This board meeting (I jokingly said they don't call them "bored" meetings for nothing) seemed important to go to. And, William can be quite demanding, though I suppose I could record the time as learning what it's like to parent a four year old. That is, if I kept good records.

So, I was about to leave. Wm sat on the floor playing, fashioning guns out of the expensive connecting learning cubes I bought to unsuccessfully teach him patterns and math ideas. Lauren was playing the piano. Anna sat a few feet behind her, drawing. What a nice moment, I thought, both together, doing the thing that gives them joy. I needed to get out of the way, leave them to this moment.

Here is the drawing Anna made:

She has a real talent, self-taught. I love this drawing because I've seen this very image in real life so many times. Someday, I won't be seeing Lauren sitting there everyday, and photographs, at least snapshots, don't quite catch the moment the way a fine drawing will.

Seeing his sister drawing motivated William to also draw Lauren:

I love how happy she looks, and how she is looking to the side.

And the bored meeting was long, but not too bad. It is interesting to see the inside workings of our sports organization.


pita-woman said...

Wow!, how awesome!! She'll not only be writing books, but she'll be able to illustrate them also.
Other than a great-dane head in profile, I can't draw squat.

Mary said...

She should illustrate a book and get it published asap! Some people self-publish and then find a publisher for the next book after selling copies of the first. That's how dh's mom started (much older...late forties...)

Camflock said...

Please tell Anna that this drawing touched me to tears. Not only is it beautiful, it is a snap shot of everyday life that will soon pass as they go onto their adult lives. The two girls have a strong relationship that my daughter often comments about, and this picture says it all. I would cherish those pictures, William's too as an affirmation that you are doing things right!


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