Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Yesterday, I was running low on laundry detergent, a serious situation, and ran to StuffMart to get more. Of course, I could think of dozens of other things I needed, and $123 dollars later, I returned home to unpack. No laundry detergent - the main reason for the trip. It was not on my receipt, so evidently the man behind me got a surprise purchase!

The girls have discovered a fancy score for "Chopsticks" and I am going insane. Okay, I'm happy that they, two sisters, are sitting together, laughing, working together, that they have this time together - BUT I'M GOING INSANE, PEOPLE!!! Wm, is sitting at my feet, using my meat tenderizer hammer to bust apart his least favorite Hotwheels cars. I'm going upstairs to hide in my room.

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Mary said...

What a day, Cathy! Tip: next time, buy two packages of detergent and hide one! Then when you have to get the one out of hiding, you can put it on the list for next time and not have a hurried trip to the store.

When I had days of lots of noise, I too remember feeling under seige. Hope today brings happier events.


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