Monday, January 22, 2007

Posts Coming

I suppose I'm going to have to take up writing in my sleep, for there isn't enough time during regular business hours. Scott Adams of Dilbert fame says he spends two hours a day on his blog.
I think I spend 15 minutes. How is one to write anything meaningful?

In addition to our regular activities, I attended a homeschooling moms' night out on Thursday, hosted a teen costume party for about 25 teens and maybe 8 adults at our house on Friday; left early the next morning for Lexington and a competition where I was in charge of registration, did some announcing over the microphone, drove from there east to a chicken farm to pick up a new "Chicken Lickin'" and then back home; Sunday morning was Anna's religion class and Church. What a week! It was all fun and well worth it but I'm still recovering.

My mind is full of things to write.


Mary said...

Having a full mind and a full life is a very good thing, Cathy. You are blessed. Mary B.

Becky said...

Hey Cath~! It's okay to live life more than you get to write about it...........! I completely understand, and when I wish I could 'write' more, I just remember that actually livng life with my family (including all the animals that seem to gravitate to our home!) is more important, and it's okay if I don't get to write about it all.

Hence, my posts are few and far between, and waaaaaaaay too big. *sigh* Becky :)

PS-I think you do great....I still aspire! :)


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