Monday, March 19, 2007

At a Loss for Words

I'm not sure what to write anymore, since the wind was taken from my sails. My funny bone has been stolen and buried. My family, half jokingly but at the same time serious, dislikes being the topic of conversation. Something about my tendency to exaggerate to the point of untruth. Dang, I come from Italian stock on one side. Exaggeration is Everything. I guess I'll have to peruse the news for items of amusement. Perhaps I can blog about unsuspecting members of that public that catch my eye. I don't know. I'm at a loss for words.


pita-woman said...

Oh no! My heart is breaking for you to the point I'm almost misty-eyed.
I've never thought anything you've written was cruel, and I think we all know to take what one another writes with a grain of salt (somewhat).
So do that not want you blogging about their accomplishments as well? I love hearing about their talents. Don't let them get you down! Keep blogging!!!!!!!!!

George said...

You can write about me all you like, butt naked and all! or whatever. Dad

George said...

You can write about me all you like, butt naked and all! or whatever. Dad

Camflock said...


Please don't stop writing. I think you need to consider using a "pen name." That way all the "innocent" will be protected.

Now, what should your pen name be? Betty Crocker? Martha Steward? Pippy Longsocks? Catherine the Great? Kitty Hawk? You are ever so much more creative than I am.

I have checked your blog daily for updates and was disappointed that the ray of sunshine and a quick chuckle in my day was not there.

You know I still do have "grades" to hang over one of those children of yours. I could use that trump card if you like.

Keep on writing!

whitetr6 said...

how bout 'Catherine of Sienna' as a pseudonym. Wasn't she your Italian patron saint?

Meanwhile, gotta love your dad's take on the whole thing.

TC / Fish in My Hair said...

Trust me, the world is full of nuts to blog about. Just yesterday I wrote about the guy who was found to be a roommate of 77 sheep. (!)


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