Monday, March 26, 2007

Thanks alot.

When I die, no one is going to get up and eulogize about my housekeeping skills. Looking down, hopefully, from heaven, I will not hear them say, "Boy, did she keep a clean and organized house." The way I look at it, there are four of them, twenty-one if you count animals, and only one of me. I am marginally organized, but there just isn't enough time in my day and blog, too. And yes, I "do" Flylady. She obviously doesn't have a five year old.

My sister, despite having children and animals and a husband like mine that works long hours, somehow manages to keep her house sparkling. Okay, she DOES have a part-time housekeeper, so really, that must explain it all! Doesn't it?

In How to Know When Your Cat is About to Die, I posted a photo of Lazurus lazily reclining on our grand piano. Only Diane would notice, by clicking on the photo and blowing it up, that the cat had swished his tail, revealing the layer of dust on the piano. Oh, so be it. The day is warm and spring is here. The dust will be here tomorrow. I'm going outside.

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