Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm Taking Them With Me

(Disclaimer: Dh says I can blog about HIM - he's hoping I'll practice my writing, write a book, and make enough that he can take early retirement.)

"Did you notice that I'm putting a new liner in the garbage can?" Dh asked after pulling out the full bag.

"You mean just like I do a bazillion times a year?" I asked, obviously not giving the right response but unable to help myself.

"Yes, but that's part of what you do," he replied. Just call me the Garbage Queen.

"Someday," I whined in my best martyr voice, "I'll die and all of you will appreciate all the things I do unrecognized on a daily basis, like the garbage bags, feeding the dogs......"

"Oh, no," Dh interrupted. "If you die, I'm tucking the animals into the coffin with you. You have to take them with you."

"How will you find the chickens if you don't have Daisy?" I asked, referring to our amazing chicken-tracking dog.

"What chickens?"

I was left cleaning the kitchen while pondering if that is how pet mummification started in ancient Egypt. While we may think that Egyptians revered their cats enough to mummify them, too, it may have been as simple as Akmed sending his wife's pet to the grave with her.

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Camflock said...

Too funny! I love the reference to Egypt....having just been studying it!


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