Monday, April 09, 2007

Someday, He'll Love That I Wrote This

Even if I don't write this, there were enough witnesses that this story will be retold when he is older. All families seem to have a few embarrassing, yet hilariously funny stories that they like to tell over and again, laughing until the tears form in their eyes. I think this might be one of those.

My mom was visiting for Easter. As we hadn't visited in awhile, we chatted away, trying to cram a month of visiting into just a few hours. Dear Son, hearafter referred to DS, was becoming bored and the ancient child whine went up, "I have nothing to dooooooooo!" (As if this was my task in life, to keep him endlessly entertained.)

"Here," I said, grabbing an old digital camera that still sorta works sometimes. "Take some photos. Take a picture of Grandma." And he began to take photos. Here is one of of our dog, Paris:

He experiemented with making faces:

And he did take one of Grandma and me:

After coming up for breath from our conversation, I looked around for him, calling his name. He was in the bathroom, door locked. Call it mother's intuition, but the first thing out of my mouth was, "I don't EVEN want to know what you are doing in there." I banged on the door, ordering him to come out. He claimed to be going potty.

When he emerged, he brought the camera to me. He did not want me to look at the photos, a clear indication that my intuition had yet again not failed me. Why, I asked him, was the camera wet? He replied that he might have dropped it in some pee. Oh, terrific. I wiped it down and promised not to show the camera to anyone. I suspected that the photos would be best viewed in privacy and quickly deleted. In today's world, could I prove that they were self-portraits, if you could call them that?

Later, I looked at them with him. Fuzzy and indistinct, it was still clear as to what was the subject of his photography. Oh, Lord, I'm raising a pornographer! We'll be able to look back at his early start in his career, which is why he'll be so good at it, having had so many years of experience. We, of course, had a discussion of why we don't take such photos, funny to DS though they seemed. As to why the camera was wet, it seems he was trying to catch the shot, uh, mid-stream, an action shot you might say.

So next time I am busy, perhaps some crayons or playdough might be in order. The camera is taking a little vacation.


whitetr6 said...

Little Boys...evidence of a divine sense of humor

pita-woman said...


pita-woman said...

Why is it the male of our species seem to have such fascination with that appendage? They're so very proud of it!
I had to forward your story to several of my friends that have small children... the one's with boys can appreciate it, and the one's with girls can be thankful that young girls don't seem to harbor the same fascination as boys.

Barbara said...

I find it extremely funny that one of the archive posts listed to the right is "cocksure" ... I was worried that it was a targeted ad at first!

Gotta love boys!

Camflock said...

I have giggled and giggled and giggled at this blog. I have pulled it up and shared it with numerous people. Then we giggled some more. Thanks for sharing!


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