Monday, April 30, 2007

In Search of Someone Real

There are many things I could do with $400. I can tell you that getting a haircut for that amount would not be one of them. Anna at Fantastic Sams does a fantastic job for $20. Let's face it, $400 and I'm still not going to be a supermodel, and by next month, it'll just need cutting again. John Edwards, however, seems to think his hair warrants that amount for a trim. I can only envision that they are putting each hair under a microscope and inspecting the angle of each hair before cutting. $400?

Four hundred dollars (the price of his haircut) would buy:

  • A membership to the county pool for the summer, to the zoo and museum for the whole year for my whole family.
  • 80 new tshirts at Stuff Mart.
  • Food for our family for two weeks
  • Enough hay for our horses for four months
  • 40 pairs of shoes from Payless
  • 200 baby chickens !!!
  • A Wacom for my daughter Anna
  • A Great Dane Puppy!!!
  • Wm adds: a John Deere Peg Perego Gator
  • 20 pairs of $20 jeans (yes there is such a thing)
  • I have never had a pedicure or manicure, and yes, I know it shows. I could have five of each.
  • Dh and I could eat out 10 times.
  • 40 large pizzas
  • new tires for our van
  • Six massages and I really need massages!!!

Oh, I could go on and on and on. And I haven't even gotten to the good stuff. Maybe, just maybe, he does a lot of charitable things and we don't hear about them. Could that be? But he did this twice, spending a total of $800. His two haircuts would have sponsored a child at CFCA for two years. Two years, that child would have food, education, a home. $800 to Food for the Poor would feed over 85 families for a month.

Okay, I know there are fabulously wealthy people out there, and $400 is a drop in the bucket to them. When running in the public eye for a public office, don't you think you'd have a little teeny bit of sensitivity to the fact that the vast majority of people out there that vote would never spend that kind of money on a haircut? That's what worries me. That lack of sensitivity bodes ill for someone that wants to run the country and spend our tax dollars. And John, it's not about the hair, bud. Get over yourself.


Michelle said...

Very well said! I hail from NC and wouldn't vote for "fluffy hair" if I was offered a $400 haircut! UGH!

BTW, I ended up here by way of TC's, you were a cheerleader. Could you please leave cartwheel instructions on her blog? Poor TC, all she could manage at cheerleading tryouts in high school was frontward roll!

pita-woman said...

Hmm, and that $400 would've made a nice donation to Breast Cancer research....

TC / Fish in My Hair said...

That $800 would also have provided chewable children's vitamins w/ iron to 266 children in developing countries for one year. (

Hey, the fact that you were a cheerleader does NOTHING to diminish you in my eyes! I'm actually quite impressed! But if we ever meet IRL, just don't do the perpetual smile thing. It scares me.


whitetr6 said...

kind of like the whole global warming contingent flying private 747s all over the globe to talk about how their new Honda hybrid saves the earth. Good Lord...politicians really irk me. Actually the only thing worse is an "actor" that spouts politics. But that's another rant. Good post as always Cathy

whitetr6 said...

I just got a chance to see the edwards video link. hilarious - almost like it was choreographed for the song.
That made my day :-))


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