Friday, April 20, 2007

Poly is Born!

Yesterday, Wm. shouted that the moth had hatched! Inches from the cat's paws lay a swollen caterpillar looking thing. It was Poly. Though I knew that moth's are born with their wings furled, it still was a strange sight. She looked all caterpillar and no moth. She squirmed and squirmed, her gross abdomen wiggling as she looked for a place to hang. She began climbing my arm, a rather unnverving feeling, like having a Japanese beatle attach itself to you.

We got some tree branches and got her settled. She held on tightly and hasn't really moved since, except for expanding her wings. I worry that she's not yet stretched them outright and that they are a bit wrinkled. Females, however, really do not fly around much, I read, but rather wait for the males to come to them. (I like that idea.) I'm not sure if Poly is early or not, but we intend to put her on the front porch and see if she can "call" any males to her tonight.
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Favorite Apron said...

I have a namesake!
Glad to hear that your dd made it to Germany safe and sound and is having a good competition. It's hard to let go, but boy, what an experience.


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