Saturday, April 28, 2007

Global Chilling

Can you please tell me why, in an age when we are beaten over the head with the need to conserve energy, that public eateries and places are cold enough to hang meat? I'm sitting at an indoor playground (which conveniently has wireless internet) watching ds and his best friend play. They don't want to leave, though we've been here hours. And why should they? Lots of toys, a giant indoor slide, all the pizza they can eat. Me? I'm freezing my tookus off. (Is that how you spell tookus?)

Have you noticed that fast food joints and places like this are freezing cold? We have in our family held the belief that such places are cold to encourage you to eat quickly and leave. I'm so cold, I'm seriously considering going down the slide over and over to generate some friction to warm my tookus.

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