Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Warning to the Jammin'

Two pews in front of us at church, a young girl fawned over her boyfriend who would have liked to have been anywhere else. I guess it is a sign of my age that I had to laugh at the boy's pants. Had it not been for his over-long tshirt, we would have been treated to the sight of his boxers. My mind wondered as I pondered how he sat down with such pants. The style reminds me of "pillow head people" that often were included in variety shows of my youth: long torsos created with pillow cases, low riding pants, with very short legs. Obviously, I needed to pay more attention to my prayers.

On the way home, dh warned the girls not to be so taken with a guy. I snorted. It will happen, I predict. However, I warned, should you girls bring home a boy who chooses to wear his jeans around his kneecaps, you should warn him in advance that your mom will give a good tug to his pants and pull them down. Just as I am unable to walk behind someone on the stairs without goosing them, I have an irristible urge to tug on jeans worn in such a fashion. And I will do it....


TC / Fish in My Hair said...

I'm not gonna pull 'em down - I'm gonna give that boy the biggest wedgie he's ever had in his life. He'll be picking denim dust out of his heinie for weeks.

To find out the google thing, you go to your tracker (I use both Sitemeter & StatCounter) and look at the "came from" list. When someone googles into your blog, your tracker should show the words they used to start their google search.

Email me if you have questions.

Camflock said...

Remind me to tell you about the "Flushing Fast Freddy" story my boss used to share at the office. It reminds me of this. As for either of your beautiful, intelligent young ladies bringing home one of these hoodlums it is doubtful! And if either of them do, just call Aidan over....he'll do the tugging for you.


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