Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Not What He Dreamed Of?

On a day like today (27 degrees), one has to take drastic measures. That means giving up all vanity. That means not comparing your 40-something self to the picture in your head taken on a beach on your honeymoon. When working outside, I was decidedly comfortable, not cold, but I looked like a truck driver. Layer upon layer of clothing and with a chin muff reeking a little of eau de cheval, I was thankful dh was at work and could not see this less than flattering image of me. (But of course, now he will.) On the other hand, perhaps he prefers a strong woman that can hook up a tractor and move the hay bale to a willowy, young wife without a clue how to manage the horse and chicken chores. Wouldn't he??

1 comment:

pita-woman said...

I guess it's the long jacket you're wearing, but it makes your legs look extremely short!
I'd take a mate that can handle themselves & get the job done as to a society-type, more into their looks any day. I think most people, if they're being honest, would prefer that.


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