Saturday, July 25, 2009


After a bit of research, I discovered that Etta Mae was raised in a town about an hour and a half from here. I reached a man by phone who had bred Etta's mom, Odette, to Bold Fortune, a very successful endurance horse in these parts. Because he thought this line of Arabians produced both smart and calm horses, he was breeding half-Arabians to sell. Etta was one of his broodmares, chosen because her gray color crossed with a cremello horse should produce a buckskin or palomino horse. Because of her genetics, however, Etta's babies started out the desired color but as they aged turned gray, which was not desired. After a divorce and a need to thin his herd, he decided to find a home for Etta and her mom, Odette. Etta had had eight babies by then. He still owns one mare which is for sale. He's going to help me get her papers.

He had called her "Effie" - using the "F" from Fortune and the "E" from Ette for F-E or Effie. I dislike the name in part because it sounds like one is cussing the creature, as in "that Eff-en" horse. She deserves better! Given that she spent most of her time a broodmare, she'll likely respond to "hey horse" or whatever. Her calm demeanor came from often being in the barn around children, chickens, dogs, tractors, you name it.

The story was interesting but he saved the best for last. He gave Effie, now Etta, to a man that wanted the horse for 4H kids. However, up until this time, the mare had never had a bit in her mouth or had been broke to ride. By my estimation and record of her last birth in April 2008, that means although she is sixteen, she's only been ridden for a year or less. Gulp!

Horses always provide the most interesting learning experiences.

I gripped the wheel when I left the fairgrounds last night, trying hard not to gun Eugene's (my van's) motor and ram into someone's car. The desire to do so was there. I had watched three heats with Wm and dh of the demolition derby. What a, uh, cultural, experience trumped only by the even preceeding it: grown men riding around on souped up lawn mowers trying to turn each other over or ruin each others machine.


Cloudia said...

I like being in eugene with you learning about horses and such country stuff, my friend.

When Sumer's over, perhaps you'll have time to come a visiting da spiral?


Comfort Spiral

Anonymous said...

Your post makes me want to visit the horses in Makaha. I would love to ride one again.

pita-woman said...

Oh dear, I hope you haven't ended up with another Phantom on your hands... calm in the beginning only to become spastic when returned to good health & you attempt to ride.

Junosmom said...

Cloudia, I'm catching up!

Gigi, where is Makaha? Are they known for horses?

PITA, believe me, that is a concern.

Anonymous said...

Makaha is on Oahu, outside Honolulu. There is a stable where you can rent a horse and ride around the area with a guide. The kids enjoyed it.


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