Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lauren and William at the County Fair

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"Mom, I feel a little sick," said William in my cell phone. I'd left him with Lauren at the county fair. It seems he went around in a circle one too many times. The rides at the fair always make me a little nervous after I noticed a bolt missing from one last year. The "carnies" make me a little nervous too, itinerant workers with their cigarettes and tattoos, making this too sheltered country girl keeping her eyes always on her child. Still, at Wm's age, it is a memory in the making. He recovered from his sickness and begs to go again tonight. He won't be going, but I will - I will be working in the concession stand for 4H. That should produce a few blogs.

PS Mom and Rosie - there you go, now you don't have to look at the butterfly on the man's hat today!


pita-woman said...

I feel his pain (stomach pain that is)... Kings Island rather upset my stomach this time too.

Cloudia said...

THere you are!!!

Missed you and your whole crew. Teach your kids that it is OK to ignore politeness and LEAVE when adults act "strange."

Aloha my friend!!!

Comfort Spiral

whitetr6 said...

Ah the county fair. Makes me want to go get a corn dog and a tattoo. I think I was a carney in a former life.


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