Monday, July 27, 2009

Sleep Tight

William told dh he had the best dream. "I dreamed that the floor was made of pizza and I could eat all I want!"

I have been so busy, I hardly know what to write. Not much seems funny when you are dead tired. Maybe this week will be slower. (Right.)

Research on Etta continues. It amazes me that in her paternal lineages, there are some of the most highly regarded Arabian horses ever, yet she has been given away not once, but twice and was starving and had sores. I am going to start her on senior horse food today and see if the beet pulp in it will help bulk her up a bit.

The weather this summer has been just weird. Normally, we are sweltering in the heat of July. Yet, it is unlikely to get out of the 80's (F) this month. I'm enjoying it.

Picked green beans at a friend's house and put up four quarts. I hope I did it right - don't want to poison anyone.


Anonymous said...

Where can I get some of that Beet Pulp? I could use some pepping up too! Dad

Junosmom said...

Dad, the beet pulp is likely full of sugar, a no-no for you. Anyway, I doubt you'd like eating horse pellets. Wonder if there is a human equivalent though?

Arby said...

There is a human equivalent. Twinkies.


Cloudia said...

MMMMMM Beet Pulp! ;-)

Aloha Farm Friend

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