Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Someday, I hope to become organized. It amuses me to no end that people that aren't often at my house will make a comment to a mutual friend, "she is so organized". I try not to snort. I put on a good show to the outside world.

At home? I think of the other day when dh brought in my meat tenderizer hammer which he found in the yard. Or perhaps the day when I looked over to see William using the sweater shaver (you know, the little thing that takes the pilings off your sweater?) on a banana. My eyebrows are getting out of shape for want of tweezers, which likely have been used in some bug dissection.

I visualize some secret hiding place in my house where, if I could locate it, I might find all the cordless phone sets, a few remote controls, my tweezers, about a dozen or more finger nail clippers, every blasted ink pen I've ever bought, and loads and loads of clear tape. What would you want to find if you located the secret hiding place in your house?

And if you wonder why I'm posting at 1 a.m., if I'm going to keep up this blog, that's when I have quiet and time to write. My current job is to scour the Internet for scholarship opportunities for my up and coming college students. I spent some precious minutes filling out a form for the Optimist Club, only to find that their "submit" button seems to not work. Optimistically, I kept trying to submit, but after several tries, I gave up. I wonder if that was a test I failed? Perhaps I should have kept trying - optimistically.


debra said...

There need to be scholarships for the home educated offspring of female bloggers.

pita-woman said...

What would I WANT to find, or what would I EXPECT to find in that secret hiding place... big difference. ;)
I WANT to find a million dollars
I EXPECT to find a million tubes of lip balm, a couple dozen mismatched socks, and maybe all the patience I've lost through-out the years over petty things in my life.
But don't snort over your friends observations. There is such a thing as organized chaos. :)

Cloudia said...

I nominate YOU for president of the optimist club!

Aloha, Friend!

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