Monday, October 26, 2009

What Used to Be My Blog

Possible reasons I abandoned my poor blog:
  • I've been abducted by aliens.
  • I've gotten the swine flu and now live in the barn.
  • I've lost my mind.
  • Every moment of my day is consumed with college searches, visits and filling out forms.
  • I have no free time.
Well, if you've guessed number one, please come get me. Life inside this space ship is exhausting. And I don't think I've gotten swine flu - yet, but it is all around our community. I think I have lost my mind, so if you find it, please return it to me. And the last two are definitely true.

I will try to regain my footing and post again, as my mom says she hasn't anything to read during lunch. My sister says she keeps up with me by what "used to be my blog". Ouch!

William quote of the day:

"I really like our Church. You know why? 1. It has good value and 2. It doesn't take long to get there."

My nephew called me yesterday to inquire as to how long a pumpkin lasts after you carve it. I am now the great pumpkin expert! My answer was what he wanted to hear - go ahead and carve it!


Kristen Painter said...

Life happens to the best of us. ;o)

Arby said...

She lives! Welcome back. We missed you.

pita-woman said...

Good luck with the college/scholarship searches.
Have either of the girls received any due to their music/art talents??


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