Friday, November 19, 2010

Bet They Don't Teach This in Public School

William hypnotizes "Aunt Rita"

I am guessing that of the three Black Australorp chicks we have, two are female and one is a rooster, which would be perfect.  We are basing this on behavior so far and tail feathers.  When alarmed, only one chick sticks his head straight up as if to look and be ready to fight.  The two hens hunker down.  Tail feathers support this gender division.  Here is the tail of one of the hens:

And here is the suspected rooster's tail:


Cloudia said...

Many on Oahu raise chickens, some as pets in apts enjoying the daily egg.

our local hatchery brings in exotic breeds from time to time and it is just a matter of time before my husband comes home to an eglu and a new friend!

LOVE your daily life - so different from mine. Hypnotism is a basic feature of how we pay attention and get "entrained."
Driving is often accomplished in this state. Ever notice when you tell somebody something and they immediately ask for what you just told them. Oh yeah, your kids LOL

Travis Erwin said...

Once upon a time I was pretty good at sexing baby chicks. Back in my feedstore days. But is is far from an exact science.

Fatcat said...

I appreciate your tips about ads on my blog.

I'd like to hear the whole story about how you found out your dogs have celiac disease and how you make dog food, etc.

Junosmom said...

Cloudia, any chance of chickens in Hawaii? I'd love that.

Travis, I am hoping you were looking at pin feathers.

No problem, FatCat. Here's more on the dogs:
There may be more, search on "Whitney". She looks like a puppy these days but is 10 years old.

Junosmom said...

Okay, retype. Cloudia, any chance of PHOTOS of chickens in Hawaii?


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