Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Clean It Out

Today’s topic is Clean it Out.  Yesterday we kept stuff in, so today let's clear stuff out.  What is in your diabetic closet that needs to be cleaned out?  This can be an actual physical belonging, or it can be something you're mentally or emotionally hanging on to.  Why are you keeping it and why do you need to get rid of it?  (Thank you Rick of RA Diabetes for this topic suggestion.)

One impact of the Great Depression was the mindset that one must never throw out something that one might use one day.  I know that lately I've aged at an accelerated rate, so before you get ahead of yourself, no, I'm not that old.  My husband and I, however, were raised and influenced by people who did experience the Depression.  It is hard for me to throw things out.  If I want to be rid of them, I must find someone to whom I can pass "treasures".

These canisters, reminiscent of film canisters (and yes, I am that old), hold 50 strips for testing blood glucose.  Using one every four to six days, I saved a basket of them.  They perfectly hold quarters in my car.  They could be used for craft projects!  Someday, someone might have a use for them!  One day, I realized I would need a bigger basket. Or..gasp...throw them out.  Recycling them mildly reduced the guilt.  I'm sure tomorrow someone is going to need them.


Baker Family said...

I am not a hoarder. However, I do keep things around that I think I might find a use for. For example, I have two new pairs of shoes and have kept the shoe boxes temporarily. Why? I don't know, but if I recycle them, I may wish I had kept them. Like you, I sometimes think I ought to keep something and then end up having to deal with many of them.

Junosmom said...

I can generally get my car in my garage, but I might also have about 10 Styrofoam coolers that the insulin came in. And if you need a cool pack which all insulin shipments include, I'm your person.

katy said...

You are not alone. I used to save empty Tic Tac boxes as a child. It is hard for me to part with the sweet little canisters!


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